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Opublikowane teksty źródłowe w tłumaczeniu angielskim

Opublikowane prace Alexisa de Tocqueville’a w języku angielskim


  • Democracy in America – numerous editions in the following translations:

§ Henry Reeve,

§ George Lawrence,

§ Gerald E. Bezan,

§ Arthur Goldhammer,

§ Harvey C. Mansfield and Delba Winthrop.

  • The Old Regime and the Revolution – numerous editions in the following translations:

§ Henry Reeve,

§ Stuart Gilbert,

§ Alan S. Kahan.

  • A. de Tocqueville: European Revolution & Correspondence with Gobineau, Garden City, New York, Doubleday & Company 1959 (trans. John Lukacs) this book includes the following Tocqueville?s works:

§ The Old Regime and the Revolution. Volume Two.

§ selected correspondence with Gobineau

  • A. de Tocqueville: The Old Regime and the Revolution. Volume Two. Notes on the French Revolution and Napoleon, Chicago, London 2001
  • G. de Beaumont, A. de Tocqueville: On the Penitentiary System in the United States and Its Application in France, Southern Illinois University Press 1979
  • A. de Tocqueville: Writings on Empire and Slavery, Baltimore, London 2001, this book includes the following Tocqueville’s works:

§ Some Ideas about what prevents the French from having good colonies,

§ First letter on Algeria

§ Second letter on Algeria

§ Notes of the Koran

§ Notes on the Voyage to Algeria

§ Essay on Algeria

§ Intervention in the Debate over the Appropriation of Special Funding

§ First Report on Algeria

§ Second Report on Algeria

§ The Emancipation of Slaves

  • A. de Tocqueville: Selected Letters on Politics and Society, Berkeley, Los Angeles, London 1985
  • A. de Tocqueville: Journey to America, ed. by J.P. Mayer, Westport, 1981
  • A. de Tocqueville: Journeys to England and Ireland, ed. by J.P. Mayer, New Brunswick, London 2003
  • A. de Tocqueville: Recollections The French Revolution of 1848, New Brunswick, London 1995, this book includes also the following Tocqueville’s text:

§ My conversation with the President of the Republic on 15 May 1851.

§ Conversation with Barrot (10 December 1850) – His version of the events of the 24th February

§ Notes for the Recollections covering the period from June 1848 to June 1849

§ Revision of the Constituion – Conversation with Berryer whaen I invited him to my house on 21 June 1851

§ Speech by M. de Tocqueville on the Roman expedition delivered in the Legislative National Assembly on 18 October 1849

  • A. de Tocqueville: The Art and Science of Politics, in: Encounter 1971/26
  • A. de Tocqueville: Report Given Before the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences on January 15, 1848, on the subject of M. Cherbuliez – book Entitled On Democracy in Switzerland, in: A. de Tocqueville: Democracy in America, Chicago, Auckland, London,… 1994
  • Tocqueville and Beaumont on Social Reform, ed. and trans. by S. Drescher, New York, Evanston, London 1968, this book includes inter alia the following Tocqueville-s works:

§ Memoir on Pauperism

§ On a Poverty Program

§ On Prison Reform

§ Prisons and Patronage Societies

§ On the Middle Class and the People

§ Speech on the Right to Work

§ Letters on the Internal; Condition of France

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