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Translation Projects

The Tocqueville Center, in association with the National Cultural Center, has begun a project devoted to the translation of political treatises written in Latin by Polish authors in the 17th century.

In contemporary Polish political and institutional thought, the dominant conceptions stem from the West whilst overlooking the considerable achievements of 17th century Polish thinkers. During this period we created a form of republicanism which was modified by political policy. This led to a unique political conception which formed part of the pan-European political discourse.

The Center has gathered together a team of the most talented translators of 17th century Latin in order to bring the work of Andrzej Maksymilian Fredro, Piotr Mieszkowski, Aaron Alexander Olizarowski, Łukasz Opaliński, Jan Sachs and others into the limelight once more.


Empirical project

The Tocqueville Center, supported by the National Science Centre, has undertaken pioneering research into the political views of the average Pole.

For the first time, the responses of Polish subjects have been treated as a part of the Western political tradition. The main idea of the project is to treat the observations and assessments of citizens as a dialogue with classic political philosophy. Thanks to such a perspective, it is possible to define a whole range of political opinions held by contemporary Poles and to research the influence of political tradition -  Catholic social teachings, conservatism, liberalism, socialism and others – on their reflections.  In an innovative fashion, a pluralistic spectrum of public opinion emerges through this project, together with the basis of the doctrines of Polish political society at the beginning of the 21st century.


Publishing project

The Tocqueville Center is also planning to publish the first Polish edition of the works of the author of Democracy in America. The eight volumes, alongside classics such as The Old Regime and Revolutions and Democracy in America, include works such as Recollections, On the Penitentiary System in the United States and Its Application to France, Journey to America, Writings on Colonialism, Social, Political and Economic Writings and Letters.

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