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Michael Reagan, the 40 year old son of the former American President delivered a lecture devoted to American foreign policy during the Cold War, focusing on aspects of policy concerning Eastern European independence movements, including the Solidarity movement.


Tom G. Palmer (Cato Institute) -  gave a lecture entitled The Nature of Economic Freedom and The Key to Poland’s Future of Freedom and Prosperity, in which he defended the idea of the free market, presenting a rational proof of the effectiveness of this economic model and conducting analysis – both doctrinal and economic – of the positive benefits stemming from the introductions on the free market system in Poland.


Pierre Buhler, French Ambassador, delivered an academic lecture entitled France and Poland in the 21st century, in which he presented a history of Franco-Polish relations, emphasizing the longstanding friendship and cooperation between the two countries. In his vision of the future close cooperation, he highlighted two fields in particular, economics and culture, which would form the enduring foundation of relations between Poland and France in the 21st century.

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