The Alexis de Tocqueville

Center for Political and Legal Thought

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Debate VI

Tocqueville Debate VI | Hungarian reforms. Ideas, institutions, economy 5 October 2012 For the first... More

Debate V

Tocqueville Debate V | The crisis of lawmaking in Poland. In the pursuit of reforms. 8 December 2011... More

Debate IV

Tocqueville Debate IV | A unified Poland or a liberal Poland? Challenges for the society, the state ... More

Debate III

Tocqueville Debate III | Court or policymaker? The legitimacy of constitutional courts in contempora... More

Debate II

Tocqueville Debate II | The authority of the state: tradition or civic will? 25 October 2008 The sec... More

Debate I

Tocqueville Debate I | The stability of institutions in the face of the vitality of ideas 8 December... More
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