The Alexis de Tocqueville

Center for Political and Legal Thought

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         developing methodological guidelines for studies on society’s political and legal axiology;

         conducting interdisciplinary studies of empirical and normative nature on society’s political and legal axiology;

         cooperation with national, European and international public institutions (government, self-government and non-governmental organizations) within the scope of establishing directions of public discourse development and formulating de lege ferenda postulates;

         collecting and giving access to legal acts, judicial decisions and subject literature for research purposes;

         organizing scientific conferences, seminars and workshops regarding studies on society’s political and legal axiology;

         publishing.



Cyclical Tocqueville’s Debates play crucial part in Center’s program activity. The need to organize them stems from the belief that the reflection on public life values constitutes essential condition for civic engagement, whereas lack of such a reflection leads to (self) exclusion. The choice of Debates issues follows from their place in the contemporary Western public discourse, while it remains autonomous from current political needs. The Debates should encourage the search for conceptual and institutional solutions set between radical alternatives such as, for instants, those between the rights of the individual and community’s identity, substantial and procedural justice, prevention and retribution in penal policy. Invitation to take part in the Debates conveys the rule of pluralism of worldviews and research perspectives, as well as political and journalistic activity.



The main subject of the research work conducted in the Center is the analysis of society’s political and legal attitudes based on classical categories of public discourse. Methodological assumptions of the research are based on the thesis stating that the society may be perceived as a subject for political and legal reflection. Therefore, the foundation for the proposed research method constitutes the synthesis of the methods taken from non-dogmatic legal, political and sociological sciences, both of qualitative and quantitative nature. Projected research works will enable to separate interpretive communities, which dominate in the awareness of the analyzed collectivity. The results of the research will constitute the basis and a starting point for a fruitful analysis of institutions’ structure and public life practices.

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